Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies are a bit more filling than juices, they can be used as a meal replacement if you’re on the go and know you won’t have a chance to stop. (Perfect for people working with horses)

Smoothies can be made in the morning and then just keep sipping throughout the day to keep the energy levels topped up. 

If you are using them as a meal repleacement pop a cup of oats into the mix if not already in the recipe as this will help with slow release energy and maybe choose one with lots of veg/greens in.

Otherwise just use them as a healthy treat when you get the sweet cravings and want something delish to drink.


This is a lovely treat on a warm day that’s full of natural goodness, perfect if you just fancy something yummy to cook you down.

2 cups of frozen mixed berries

2 bananas (peeled)

500ml soya or coconut milk (less for a thicker shake more for a smoother drink)

Fresh berries sprinkled ontop if you want to


Whiz all together in a blender and enjoy. 


Green machine 

1 whole cucumber 

1 banana. 

1 avocado 

As much spinach as you can pack in

Chia seeds 

Two table spoons of almond butter 


Juice RecipesĀ 

Getting as many nutrients into my body is the key to keeping it in optimum health, especially when my m.e is flaring up as my ability to digest food decreases as the body kicks into stress mode. 

For those of you living stressful lives this is something also to consider, as when your stressed your digestive system is one of the first systems to reduce its function. So in order to stay strong and healthy you need to eat foods that are easy to digest and packed full of nutrients. 

Note for horse riders:

As horseriders we tend to work long days and burn a lot of calories, this tends to leave a calorie crash and then people reach for chocolate and coffee as a pick up. In my case I became reliant on these stimulants and never got enough nutrition into myself. I could feed a horse the perfect nutrient requirements for its work but I had no clue or want to do the same for myself, I wondered why I was so tired and always getting ill. Juices are great ways to get healthy food into yourself without having to stop and eat a salad. I know time is key on busy yards so make yourself a massive juice and take it in a bottle, keep sipping through the day in the knowledge your doing yourself some good and it will also help keep the brain awake and the energy levels lifted. 

Juices are a great way to get a lot of nutrients into your body easily, digesting them is simple and you can have them next to another healthy meal so you get double the benefit. 

In this page I will slowly add juice recipes that are yummy and full of goodness that you can try at home, all you need is a juicer which you can get from most kitchen appliance stores or the Internet. I have the Heston Bloomenthial Sage Juicer but you don’t need to have such a powerful one to get started.

Ruby Red Rider

Inspired by @loveyogaeastbourne

1x Whole Beetroot

3x celery sticks

1x cucumber

1x whole apple 

1x whole pear

3x carrots

Thumb of ginger

Squeeze of lemon to taste at the end 


Wash the veg and then stick the whole lot through the juicer. Sorted!


Green Ginger Aid

From Kriss Carr’s Crazy Sexy Juice

This is a yummy juice great for the healing properties of the finer and the nutrients of the green fruit and veg.

2 double handfulls of spinach

1 large cucumber

2 stalks of celery

1 pear 

1 apple

1 large piece of ginger 


Wash the vegetables and then juice. Done! 


Red Velvet

For those of you that find ginger too hardcore but still want some goodness in your lives

1 beetroot

3 carrots 

2 double handfuls of spinach

2 stalks of celery 

1 apple

1 pear

1 cucumber 


Super Healing Juice

Inspired by @lisagoesraw

1 carrot

1 whole bunch of celery

1 whole cucumber

1 large beetroot

1 small pear

1 apple 


Digestive Health in a glass

Recommended by @medicalmedium and inspired by @lisagoesraw

Celery is a huge healing food in digestive health, if you are struggling with bloat, tummy pains, constipation or too loose stools, basically anything to do with IBS try starting each day with a fresh celery juice. Just drink a glass on an empty stomach to help get the digestive system ready for action.

1x whole bunch of celery 

Juice the whole bunch then drink xx 


Tims first juice 

This is the first time I’ve managed to get Tim to drink a juice. So it must be easy on the taste buds. Full of vitamins and minerals it’s a great one to start your juicing journey. Don’t be put off by the colour!!! 

3x carrots

2x apples

2x pears

1x whole cucumber 

1x whole bunch of celery

Juice and drink xxx