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Sometimes the lessons the universe send us are HARD, it’s not always rainbows and sunshine when your working with your deep inner self, life isn’t always easy even when you’re following the flow.


Being connected with your true self is about listening and learning, and yes whilst we listen ugly stuff may come up, things we don’t like about ourselves or how we dealt with certain situations, but this is all the path, it’s about taking that on board and learning.


Once you start to listen you start to tune in and you’re main effort is not to keep repeating the same patterns, so therefore as each cycle comes round, you learn a little more, life gets a little more bright


But then there are the times where the big shifts happen, a fundamental reorganisation of your inner self, the times where you just cry and cry and have no idea why, where you are utterly exhausted and can’t seem to find that energy, where the universe feels like it’s sending you all hell of challenges and life feels hard, these are the times where the big stuff is happening and you have two choices, you can ignore it, stuff it back down, box it back up, sweep it under the carpet, bury your head in the sand and then wait for it to come again, and an even bigger wave next time, maybe one to knock you off your feet so much that there’s no way to ignore it any longer. OOORRRR you can release into it, believe that if you let go to it and nurture it you can find a path to the other side where life is lighter and brighter.


Even though this doesn’t sound fun, even though this isn’t sweetness and sunshine, it’s all part of connecting deeper with who you are, releasing the old ancient baggage and coming up for air feeling fresher and stronger before, opening your self up is never easy, it’s sometimes really hard.

If the universe is sending you stuff and it’s big don’t hide away, allow yourself to listen, open your heart and mind and ride the wave. Because ultimately whatever is being sent your way is there to teach you and help you grow. Especially when it’s really hard.


Ways to help yourself through, write 5 things you’re grateful for each morning and each night, allow yourself to visualise what your dreams are, see yourself on the other side living them, don’t beat yourself up or stifle your feelings, crying is a natural form of shedding and releasing, trying to “be fine” all the time is not a good place to be, be honest with yourself, what emotions are hanging around, what lessons are you learning, is it a repeating cycle getting stronger and stronger each time? What does the universe want you to shed?

Start seeing what is really there, and you will finally start to release it. There may be a few tears involved, some anger, but ultimately if you fully allow this to release it will be gone forever


Yoga, Yoga Sutras

Yoga Sutra 1.1

Atha Yogānuśānam

Atha – now….we begin, here it is or auspicious blessing

Yoga – harmony, balance, clarity, union, gathering, ability, altitude, joining, combination, application, deep meditation

Ānuśānam – instruction that has authority, instruction from experience, prescription, teaching transmitted from master to disciple through generations

Here it begins the authorative instruction of yoga


With prayers for Devine blessings, now begins an exposition of the sacred art of yoga


This is where we begin the journey along the path of yoga that has been laid out by many before us

Patañjali introduces yoga in his first Sutra, by using the word atha he is bringing it to the present but also giving it a meaning that's deeper than the surface level by making it a blessing.
Anuśānam gives the sutras depth, it states that Patañjali did not make these up, or design yoga. He is mearly passing on the practice he has experienced within his lifetime and has been handed down through the ages by his teachers and the teachers that came before them.

General ramblings of a wild mind, Yoga

Be Here Now

If there's nothing more than nature and animals teach me is to be present. Nothing in nature ever gets caught in the what ifs, the stories of the past or the worries of the future, nature and animals are all about the here and now
Our monkey brain 🙈 likes to take us off on stories about what the futures going to be like, it does it so well that we find ourselves getting caught in it like we're actually really there. Sometimes this is lovely when we're imagining the good stuff, but more often than not it's a story of woe and worry, it's a story about how life's going to be hard and the journey more difficult, its worries about money, work or what people are going to say.
How many times have you had to have an awkward conversation rehearsed it over and over again, imagined all the horrid things that could happen, worked yourself up about it and then when the ACTUAL REALITY came it was nothing like you'd thought?
The energy that process extracts from you and the time taken being caught in this web of stories and made up worlds becomes exhausting. And all along your missing out on the actual world and actually living.
Listen to what your projecting, how are you seeing the next few days, months and years panning out, is it all negative worries or positive reinforcements? Because whichever way round it is I can let you into natures little secret, YOU HAVE NO REAL IDEA WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN!!
You can only know what's happening right here, right now, the rest is all a mystery.

So you have a choice, live in the maze of tails your monkey brain tells you, live in a state of worry about what may never happen OORRRR live in the moment, be present, enjoy what is right in front of you now, and if what is right in front of you now isn't so good don't get taken on a journey of how it's going to get worse. Be present because life is constantly changing and this too shall pass.
And if you are going to project, jump forwards and make up stories. Make them good ones, make them full of your dreams and not your worries, because that's a far better place to live.
Happy Sunday beauties


What balance tells us

In yesterday's morning class @honeyandharvey we explored our balance,
Balance practice on the mat is a reminder of how we are dealing with life away from the mat
When our balance on the mat is out of whack it tends to be our balance in life is slightly or quite a lot out too
Too many late nights working or playing with no sleep, taking on too much job stress, spending more time worrying about others and not thinking about your own well being, too much stress, not eating a balanced diet, all of this can effect our balance on the mat.
I use balance not only as a strength practice but also as a daily checkin to see where I am in my life. Our monkey minds are very good at convincing us that our current way of living is just fine until we crash, but in a balance posture your body cannot lie.
This also explains why somedays you're awesome at balancing and some you can barely lift off the floor
Daily balance practice of something and then listening to what that balance practice has told you and trying to adjust life is how we use yoga in the modern world.
Try cleaning your teeth whilst standing not tree or a different form of balance each morning, doing the washing up in another form at night, you don't need to get on your mat to check in, put your socks and shoes on standing up and if you wobble all over the place maybe checkin a bit deeper.
Have a fun Friday people 🤸‍♀️
Please be sensible with your balances and don't risk lives doing them!!!!

General ramblings of a wild mind, Yoga

Don’t get sucked in

It's definitely a day for moving slowly, laying down whenever you can and just pampering yourself in all the lovely cosy things that make you feel happy.
Take a leaf out of Saturns book, and do your own thing, don't get pulled into the mayhem around you, live your own path, and listen to your body.

This is something I massively struggle with, if everyone around me is busy I feel I SHOULD be doing the same, even when my body tells me otherwise. So my practice today is going to be shaped around moving slowly and not getting pulled in.


It's human instinct to raise to the stress vibration, that kept us alive, if someone in our tribe was stressed it tended to mean that the tribe was under threat so it made sense to lift & do something about it. But rarely that is true now, normally someone else's stress is nothing to do with yours, normally that persons stress is an overreaction to life anyway so we have to work hard to stop ourselves from subconsciously getting pulled into the stress too.


Notice when you get sucked in, breathe, and with awareness and lots of loving kindness to yourself and the other people step emotionally out of the stress/busy bubble and walk your own path

Have a chilled Wednesday beauties


The 8 limbs of yoga

Patanjali an ancient sage laid out the guidelines for living a yogic life.

These guidelines aren't a religion, they don't have to be followed, you can enter at any point (most enter with asana) and you can gradually find your own way through the limbs.

The guidance is to enable the practitioner to find samadhi or enlightenment. I translate this as freedom from all modern world holds, the ability to live a happy contented life free of the waves of emotions, and pressures of the external.

The 8 limbs are:

• Yama
• Niyama
• Asana
• Pranayama
• Pratyahara
• Dharana
• Dhyana
• Samadhi

Yama is the first limb, and is about how we interact with the external world. The Yama's guide the yogi to think about the way they treat all beings on this earth. The five yamas are; Ahimsa (nonharming), Satya (truthfulness), Asteya (nonstealing), Brahmacharya (continence) and Aparigraha (greedlessness).
The yogi is encouraged to think deeply about each Yama and become aware of how their daily interactions are influenced by each Yama. Ahimsa is probably the most famous and can be put down to why a lot of yogis don't eat meat, but it can also be played out as nonharming towards other humans, the environment, towards yourself. Taken to a really deep level this includes our thoughts and not just our actions, harmful thoughts change the energy that you project, and therefore have a life to them even if they are not played out.

Niyama's are the second limb, they encourage the yogi to turn inwards and study themselves. The five niyamas are; Shauca (cleanliness), Santosha (contentment), Tapas (discipline), Svadhyaya (study of Self) and Ishvarapranidhana (devotion to God).
Tapas is one of the famous niyama's teaching us discipline as without this we cannot maintain a daily practice.

I'll write in deeper detail about each Yama and Niyama soon.

The third limb is Asana (posture) Asana means pose and this is the limb most people associate with yoga, the practice of postures comes in many forms but it's there as a gateway to the body and stilling mind. The aim of an asana practice is to connect the mind and body and to move until the mind is ready to settle, using the postures to stretch out and remove emotional and physical tension from the body.

The forth limb is Pranyama, this is where we are preparing for meditation, Pranyama is breath practice and there are many different types of practices all with different goals. The focus on the breath and the different patterns of breathing help to train the mind to focus on one particular thing.

The fifth limb is Pratyahara, this means to withdraw the senses. It's about removing focus on the external and taking the focus inwards, where the attention is taken away from the outside world and the full focus is on what's happening inside. The ability to focus is a necessity so Pranyama needs to be practiced first.

The sixth limb in Dharana, this means full and utter concentration, where the yogi has learnt to sit and focus on something very small without the mind wandering, as the time spent concentrating increases meditation naturally takes place.

The seventh limb is Dhyana or meditation, the lines between Dharana and Dhyana can be vague as Dharana increases Dhyana naturally takes over. Sitting for long periods without mental fluctuation is meditation where the external senses are removed and the yogi is completely within. There is even a feeling in deep mediation where the body no longer exists and all that is is energy.

This is where the eighth limb comes, when the yogi looses all state of separateness, when there is a total feeling of oneness with all that is, the outlines are lost and the energy is just one then Samahdi is achieved and only then will true enlightenment happen.

So as you can see even if you find you are unable to practice asanas daily there is still plenty to think about, connect with and do in the theme of living a yogic life.

As the late Micheal Stone said he try's to have a daily practice of stillness, movement and study.

So next time you find yourself wondering how do you practice #yogaeverydamnday remember there are 8 limbs and it's not just about what happens on the mat. To be a true yogi you practice every minute of every day.



Not just about the poses

Yoga isn't just about the postures (asana), true yoga is a way of living, with many different elements to it.
Even when your body feels weak and the postures don't come you can still practice yoga, by sitting, focusing on the breath or a single object or thing and allowing your body and mind to settle.

This morning was a morning for sitting, calming down, opening up and just being in the space of gentle creatures and nature.

Allowing my deep inner self to come home, relax and chill.
For my ME meditation is the most valuable part of the yogic life, it's where I find true calmness and my body can start to heal. The postures are a way of burning off the buzzing energy in order to be able to sit quietly, but sometimes there's no need to burn, there's just a need to sit.
When we use the #yogaeverydamnday we don't necessarily mean a strong asana practice, we also mean practicing meditation, being aware of how we connect with the external world, being aware of our internal world, breath practice, and study.

So if you're a person who finds the asana part hard to do each day, you can still practice yoga.
This week find your daily yoga practice and see how it makes you feel.