Getting emotional in a yoga class…

Emotions and yoga generally go hand in hand, whether it is something as simple as you feel happier and calmer after a class or something deeper.

Postures play a huge part in the yogic lifestyle, they were originally put there to do many different things and one is to unlock and free emotions.

Our body stores our emotions, we know this from when we get home with tight shoulders and back ache after a tense day, or when we get excited we feel butterfly’s in our belly. Our mind, thoughts and feelings resound inside us and our body soaks them up. 

Unfortunately sometimes these emotions get stuck, normally from us not living them out properly. We live in a very reserved society and we contain a lot of our feelings “put on a brave face” and get on with the task ahead. This is fine and sometimes it’s very necessary but we must go back and address those feelings quickly after otherwise our body locks them in. These locked in emotions cause stiffness/tightness/tension where once there was not, they can also make us feel like we’re carrying a heavy bag everywhere, each movement feels harder than it needs to and our bodies feel tired. The opposite can also happen and we become so used to carrying this baggage around that we start ignoring our bodies and therefore our emotions, locking them away each time something comes up and eventually becoming numb to the world around us. 

The problem with this is we may be protecting ourselves against the bad stuff and numbing ourselves to the pain, but by numbing our pain we also numb our joy. You can’t have one without the other. And life becomes very dull.

Through the postures of yoga we explore the body, we move it in ways we wouldn’t normally, we actively seak out the tension and then find ways to start to release it, using movement and breath. 

This can make us feel more supple, lighter and generally better. But in the process we can also bring some of these locked in emotions to the surface. At the point when they arrive you may feel anything from a bit sad to horrendous overwhelming grief, to anger all the way to fear. 

Unlike counciling we may never know what old event we’re uncovering l, we may just feel the emotion relating to it, but when we do feel it, if we allow ourselves to go with it and ride it out we free ourselves from it. When this happens it’s known as a shift, where something you’ve held onto for a long time goes.

I think of it like the skins of an onion, as life goes on we place layers around ourselves to protect ourselves. When we practice yoga slowly one skin at a time we shed the layers of baggage until one day we end up back to our true selves “before the shit happened”. 

So if you find yourself welling up in camel, sobbing in childspose or getting angry in pigeon it’s a good thing I promise, you’re getting somewhere, you’re starting to unlock those long stored up emotions and connecting back with your pure self. 

Don’t ever feel embarrassed by shedding a tear, hell I’ve sobbed my way through savassana before when some very traumatic emotions came up. Just allow them to come, your yoga practice is a safe place, release them, don’t squash them back down. Get rid so you can finally move forwards away from the past and into the future. 

The aim is to finally use your practice as a daily managing process, so never again do you suppress or lock emotions in, so you truly live them out and therefore save yourself the stress of carrying extra baggage around. 

Namaste beauties 



Will this Class be suitable? 

I had an email this morning from a lovely lady asking “will my class be suitable for her?” and it got me thinking.

So many people must look at classes and wonder can I do that? Will it be suitable? Am I good enough? People also get to yoga classes and often say “oh I’m just not sure if I can keep up”.

This was a lesson I had to learn if I was going to have yoga as part of my life. 

I started off trying to keep up with everyone in the class, even in my privates I’d push and never tell my teacher I couldn’t. Doing this meant I could only do yoga when I felt amazing and my ME wasn’t giving me a lot of problems. But when I felt bad I also felt I couldn’t do yoga as I couldn’t keep up, so I’d not get on my mat. In reality I needed yoga more when my symptoms were bad.

Once I recognised what I was doing I knew I had to change my thought process, I had to drop the ‘ego’ of always being good and listen to my body. When I felt I couldn’t do a strong practice I still needed to get onto my mat (instead of avoiding it) but this time just take it steady and breath. 

The beauty of yoga classes is no teacher will ever push you to do anything, the general mantra is “listen to your body, if you feel you need to rest then rest, never push.” This means that on good days you can do the full class and on bad days you can just do the bits that you can manage and then rest and focus on your breath at other times. Spending time just breathing fully and deeply is always going to help you mentally anyway. 

Yoga is a practice that you can do what ever you feel like and it will always help. Just last week I had a regular student attend my class who had had a knee operation so obviously couldn’t do a lot and the class she attend was quite strong, I gave her other postures that she was able to achieve and she used most of the time to just lay and focus on her breathing, she came out saying she felt amazing and just laying on her mat listening to the sound of deep breath in the room and breathing with it was of huge benefit. 

So don’t skip a class if your feeling a bit low, just let the teacher know you may sit out of some postures but not to worry, drop the concern about keeping up with others and the negative narrative that you’re not good enough because you can’t do that posture and just let yourself spend an hour listening to your body. 

Movement no mater how small is the key, so if the full posture is too much, scale it down to the finite movement and work with that, its all about tuning in and responding to your bodies needs.

Tips for taking breaks in a class:

~ respect others, if you’re resting and they’re doing try not to sit and stare at them, people are in their own practice and don’t want to feel others are watching or worst still judging, turn the gaze inwards and focus on yourself.

~ childspose (above) or savasana are great places to go if you need to rest, just close your eyes and breath

~ if you don’t want to fully rest but can’t do the whole posture think of the essence of the posture, i.e. If the full posture is a balance pose do an easier balance pose, this keeps you flowing with the class and staying with the energy but listening to your body at the same time

~ try not to put others off by chatting or disturbing their energy stay connected internally and just focus on your breathing

~ don’t beat yourself up, you aren’t a failure just because you can’t do that posture today, the ability of an advanced yogi is to be able to listen to their body and know when to not push

If you take this all into consideration then you’ll be able to attend most yoga classes and you’ll also get the most from your yoga on a daily/weekly basis. 

Remember yoga isn’t like an exercises class where you have to push 100% to win and don’t go if you feel rubbish, yoga is a lifelong practice that helps you through the highs and lows of life and if used correctly will become your best friend through your journey. 

Nameste beautiful people 




Today is the day I launch my new project, #takebackyourpower.
The aim of this project is to help people affected by bullying by using yoga.

A huge part of my journey through this life has been affected by bullying that I sustained as a child. I didn’t realise until recently that the bullying that I went through, throughout my teens caused me to create behavioural patterns that still effected me in my 30’s.

As a kid I was a chilled out, quirky, happy, loving soul. I adored animals, wore bright colours and generally just loved life, my parents brought me up to be whoever I wanted to be as long as I was loving and open then that’s all that mattered.

When I moved to high school things changed, that individual quirky personality was seen as weird and different. People who I thought were my best friends soon turned on me and life became hell, from the age of 11 to 15 other kids made my life hell, so much so I became very depressed and ill.

I never really told anyone, I didn’t want my parents to be upset or have more to worry about so thought I’d bottle it up, this was until I became so ill I couldn’t hide it anymore, when my parents approached the school I hoped it would stop, unfortunately at that time no anti-bullying policies existed and nothing changed.

Eventually I couldn’t take it any more and quit school, luckily we found a new school that I could go to and finish my GCSE’s.

On my first day heading to this new school I made a conscious decision that the “real meg” didn’t work so I needed to make someone new up.

From that day onwards, just before my 16th birthday until I was 31 I projected various images that weren’t ever the “real Meg”.

Throughout that time I also suffered with CFS which is sure is down to the trauma of my teenage years coupled with never really living a true life.

I managed to run a successful business for 14 years but I was never really 100% happy.

When in the summer of 2014 I took my first steps onto my yoga mat I felt a change inside me, I was suddenly home. For the first time in my adult life I felt the original meg come back, my soul started to glow and I couldn’t help but keep going back onto my mat to find that feeling again and again.

Over the past year and a half I’ve been devoted to yoga, I’ve trained to become a teacher, I’ve sold my business and I’ve discovered the old meg, “before the shit happened”.

All of this is down to yoga, not just the practice but the philosophy too, through learning more about myself, understanding my patterns of behaviour and redirecting them into positive more natural paths I have finally got my power back, the power I lost all those years ago to the bullies.

I want to make this point here, I don’t blame the bullies or have any negative feelings towards them, they were on their own path, they had reasons for doing what they did and I forgive them for it all, we all make mistakes, get into things we don’t mean to and do things that aren’t our true selves and so I hold nothing against them.

I now want to help others regain their strength, I want to help children that are currently going through the trauma of being bullied and I also want to help adults that are either still struggling with bullying or have the scars from their childhood.

I believe, through yoga, people can find inner strength, their inner power that will enable them to love themselves, live the life they desire and not be swayed by others.

So this is why I’m starting this project, I’m planning on doing some fund raising, talking to anti-bullying charities and I plan to go into schools, to give talks and also offer free yoga lessons. I’ll be doing online live classes for those who are too nervous to do yoga anywhere but their bedroom and I hope to give the gift back to others.

Please help by spreading the word, if you have ideas of what I could do or know anyone that could benefit send them in my direction, those of you that are teachers if you think your school could benefit from lunch time yoga sessions please contact me.

Most of all let’s spread the word that bullying is not ok, and if you are being or have been by bullied there is a way that can give you your strength back.

That way is yoga