My Qualifications & Experience 

Equine Teaching & Training:

I’m a qualified British Horse Society Intermediate Instructor and have been teaching and training riding for 15 years.

I ran my own riding stables for 14 years and have seen 1000’s of riders from children to adults progress. 

Riding Experience:

My main discipline over the years has been dressage where I managed to train the horse I competed to Advanced level. I also competed many of my horses in showing nationally and finished 2016 by showing at Olympia International Horse Show, London.

Due to my health and also a growing urge inside me to connect at a deeper level with my horses I now focus on free riding and training people to ride their horses and ponies from pure feel, I believe that even if the ultimate goal is to compete if we can connect at a pure level without tack then the harmony and understanding between horse and rider is so much greater that a true bond can exist. 

Yoga Qualification and experience:

I am a yoga alliance qualified yoga teacher, I teach riders and non-riders how to connect back with their bodies. Using my knowledge of the human body and how it works plus the knowledge of the rider I can set specific practices to help improve the rider. I also teach horse behaviour and how using yoga breathing techniques we can help with the horses natural responses. 

Personally my yoga practice has helped me come to terms with my long term illness of M.E and enabled me to find a place of energy and strength. I use this experience in my teaching and my understanding of how stress effects the body to help anyone form better hormone patterns within the body and deal with stress in a much more positive way.

Yoga also helped me deal with past trauma and I hope to engage with people who have struggled or are struggling with bullying to give them their power back through yoga. 

Veterinary Physio:

I’m currently studying to become a veterinary physiotherapist at Writtle University College, with the hope use the knowledge gained to help the partnership of horse and rider to an even deeper level.  The course has a very solid foundation of science and anatomy and physiology which helps me to understand and delve deeper into the horse and human body.